Where to shop: Trader Joe’s on Lowest Greenville

tjs 1Like most people who move to California, I eventually became a disciple of shopping at and all things Trader Joe’s. I will admit, though, you more than likely won’t get it the first time you walk in the door. Your first thought will be, hold up…this is it? But once you start learning your way through the aisles and become familiar with their products (the majority of the products are their own brand), you’ll be addicted. I had a Ralph’s walking distance from my apartment in Studio City and a Kroger a few blocks away here in the M Streets, but both then and now I shop(ped) mostly at TJ’s. I was beyond excited when they started opening in DFW, especially the one on Lowest Greenville. Since it’s mere minutes away.

tjs 2You’ll quickly discover they’re extremely price friendly on the majority of products, not just the wine! Buying organic at TJ’s is often cheaper than buying non-organic at regular grocery stores. This is super helpful because I try to eat at home as much as possible these days, both for cost and health conscious reasons. And since this is more or less a health, wellness and happiness blog, I have to include TJ’s, as they make eating well so much easier. But don’t get me wrong, folks! I know about and have consumed the Cookie Butter, dark chocolate pistachio bark, multiple types of brie cheeses and the peanut butter and jelly chocolate bars. You could also easily weigh 479 lbs. shopping there if you let yourself (pumpkin butter, anyone?) But TJ’s really and truly make eating yummy and healthy food simpler. Many of their veggies are already sliced/cut/chopped/shredded, packaged and ready to go. I love it, because as much as I adore cooking, my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, I have a thousand animals who like to crowd the chef and try to participate and we all of course get pinched for time. Last weekend, while admittedly shopping for notsohealthy items for Super Bowl recipes, the Cruciferous Crunch Collection caught my eye. It has all my absolute favorite veggies…IN ONE BAG. Kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and two colors of cabbage already cut. I had to refrain from going through the entire bag in two days. There are multiple ways to eat it, but my favorites so far? One, sautéed in olive oil and mixed with toasted pine nuts and quinoa and two, blended with hummus and spread on organic multi-grain toast (both from TJ’s as well).

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Where to shop: a Fabletics invite for fabulous you

FableticsI am a sucker for a membership program. I was one of the first people I know to sign up for Shoedazzle, loved it when I could still wear heels. I used to have a spa membership and a membership to Drybar (more on both of those places later). Needless to say I had to put those all on hold until the career situation gets itself sorted. However, I just landed a much desired part-time gig at one of my favorite workout studios in Dallas, bodybar. This means I have to buy new workout clothes for WORK. Amazing, right?

I happened to just come across an ad for Fabletics on Facebook, a wonderful women’s workout clothing boutique co-founded by Kate Hudson. We love her. I just got my first outfit (yes, outfit…THREE pieces!) for $34.95. That’s unheard of. A shawl, tank and capris. I can’t wait to see how it all looks in person! Until then, here’s an invite exclusively for you, readers, so check it out – you get 50% off your first order: Fabletics invite for fabulous you.

Update! Hey ladies, I just got my first delivery today (Jan. 31) and I absolutely LOVE it. I noticed this post is getting some traction from search engines so I wanted to make sure my review was included. The quality is great, the sizes are spot on and it’s all absolute comfy! I will no doubt continue to order from Fabletics! Let me know if you have any questions. Visit the link above for 50% your first order!

Xo, Nikki

Where to shop: Fresh at NorthPark Center

Fresh 01Towards the end of my LA days, a friend of mine introduced me to SpaWeek. If you’ve not heard of or participated in SpaWeek, you really should; I’ve taken full advantage of it then in LA and several times since in Dallas. Twice a year, in April and October, participating locations offer around three of their signature services for only $50 each. It’s the perfect opportunity to dip your toe in the spa waters (literally or figuratively) if you’ve never done so. Or, if you’re addicted like a lot of us, it’s the chance to try out some of the more pricier establishments you normally wouldn’t dare. This is how I was introduced to Hiatus Spa in Inwood Village (and became a member) and the Fresh store at NorthPark.

According to their website, there are only 14 standalone Fresh stores in the world; the majority are of course in New York. NorthPark has the only one in Texas, which isn’t a surprise to anyone familiar with the magnificent place that it is. People fly in from all over the globe just to shop at NorthPark, it’s THAT awesome. It’s Texas’s version of South Coast Plaza (for my SoCal friends) and without a doubt my favorite place in the city. It was late one SpaWeek that I decided I needed to partake of it before it was over, but knew I couldn’t get an appointment at any of the actual spas, so I thought I would give Fresh a try. I figured since it was a retail store and at the mall (NorthPark despises being called a mall, by the way) and late on a Friday I had a shot. And I was right. It’s a super tiny store on the first level near the escalators one takes to AMC or the food court, you might overlook it but I dare say you won’t once you actually go in there. They have, without a doubt, the best customer service of any store I’ve ever been into from New York to Los Angeles. My first experience that SpaWeek was great and I was super pleased to find out whatever you spend on the facial (SpaWeek is $50, otherwise it’s more) you actually get back in credit towards product. It’s a win-win situation and definitely not something other places offer!

Last year three of my girlfriends and I decided to do a Fresh facial party for my birthday. The year before is when I’d broken my ankle leaving my birthday party, so we figured a spa day was much more safe. Fresh blocked out an entire Saturday morning for us and pretty much rolled out the red carpet. They had mimosas, a fruit and cheese platter and delicious cake balls. Who doesn’t love cake balls? If I recall, they made around $1,000 from us that day. Every single dollar was worth it and we’ve all continued to buy their products. They even had little gift bags full of samples for each of us and for me, a gift box full of even more. Screw Tiffany turquoise, Fresh powder blue is officially my favorite blue box or bag to get now! (Please note, I will not turn down the turquoise…)

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Where to shop: World Market

letterI absolutely despise junk mail. I am by no means wealthy, but somehow in LA and now in Dallas I’ve resided in rather shiny zip codes when it comes to advertising (over 10 years in marketing has at least taught me that). So the amount of crap I receive each week borders on ridiculous. Oh wait, the 473 loyalty programs and email lists of which I’m a part don’t help? Anyhow, I’ve never really taken time to look at it until yesterday. Desperate times (unemployment) call for desperate measures. And turns out, there are a lot of good coupons and bargains in there! Who knew?!

Yesterday’s haul included a coupon to World Market. It was just 10% of your total purchase, but given that I haven’t been able to buy anything but necessities for quite some time, this coupon might as well have been pure gold. I’ve learned to appreciate the small gestures. This week I’ve worked on one of my January Cure projects, which is sprucing up my workspace. Originally I was going to focus on deep cleaning the kitchen cabinets (sexy!), but this blog came about. I figured if I was going to put a legitimate effort into it, I needed an organized and Nikki-fied space in which to do it. Beforehand, my desk was a cross between a purse and mail vomit receptacle and a cat bed. One wouldn’t have called it inviting. I also do most of my morning rituals sitting here, so I wanted some sort of small spiritual token and a new candle to add. What better place to find these lovely objects than World Market?

I love the one on Greenville in Old Town, though the one on Oak Lawn is also nice. Truthfully, I could spend hours walking around any World Market. It sounds ludicrous, but this place just makes me happy. If you love to travel or have an affinity for any specific foreign country, you know you’re bound to find some small treasure or food stuff reminiscent of it. This is where you could find Orangina and Nutella before they were mass marketed in the United States. It’s where I finally found the delicious tea served in the hostel at which my friends and I stayed in London in 2004. This is where you can find beers from quite possibly every country (except Brazil, why no Brahma beer, World Market?!) and this is no secret, it’s where you can find some fabulous wine, both in quality and cost. My only warning is this, it’s like walking the home aisles at Target, you’ll want to redecorate your entire life.

Below are pictures I snuck of some of my favorite things. Maybe some Valentine’s inspirations for you people who have people.

wine tea collection sweetheart tea napkins meditation collection his and hers mugs happy tea chairs card blood and honey

Aren’t those his and hers coffee mugs ADORABLE? The last pic is one of the current, most popular local craft beers. Craft beer has exploded over the last year in Dallas. And I know I’m not alone in my love for Revolver’s Blood & Honey. So good. Some time soon I’ll take us on a virtual visit to my favorite craft beer joint on Lowest Greenville. You know, when I can drink.

Until then, here is my new desk companion, a little Ganesha. He was the perfect addition!

ganeshFrom Wikipedia: Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. As the god of beginnings, he is honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies. Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during writing sessions.

Xo, Nikki