What to watch: television killed the boyfriend (Part 1)

53fb3cc15edff5592b9b2dd650b66d8dThere are three types of people in this world I do not trust. Those who claim to not drink. Those who claim they only read non-fiction. And those who claim not to watch television.

We are in the second golden age of television, if you don’t watch TV, what in the world is wrong with you? Please don’t actually answer that, because your response will inevitably be obnoxious and I can’t deal with you. TV has literally (please read that as if Chris Traeger is saying it) kept me off a ledge numerous times over the past six years. Specifically in the past six months. My DVR and Netflix combine for one of the best relationships (and only threesome…) I’ve ever been in and I am by no means ashamed to admit it. My TV boyfriends have certainly treated me much better than some of the real ones, THEY at least aren’t afraid to commit.

I can snuggle up with Jax Teller, Derek Morgan or Jackson Avery any time I want. And it’s amazing. As I typed that I just realized I can’t actually take any of those home to Daddy. Maybe Jax if I cleaned him up a little. But cleaning him up completely defeats his purpose.

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How to be (crazy): got a little cliché last night

48746b6afc5287ec19c5b4558f7c2255I have always had my hair professionally done since my later college days. Store-bought color hasn’t touched this head since around the time I could legally drink in the United States of America. Please don’t think I’m judging you should you use it; if a box of L’Oreal works for you, more power to you. It does not work for me. At all. And have you met me? I would end up coloring two cats, half my bathroom and my elbows by accident. It wouldn’t be attractive.

I was fortunately born a natural blonde. Well let’s back up, I actually didn’t have hair till I was 3 years old. And what I did have was so blonde you couldn’t see it. Unfortunately it did not stay that way. Genetics could have saved me so much money had they not called a plot twist when it came to my hair. What I was left with was what some call dishwater blonde. And they must mean the water that’s left after you let a couple of used skillets soak overnight, right? Cause that’s what it looks like to me. I have to either go much darker or much lighter. Except for a year in LA of what I call my Carrie Bradshaw break-up hair (read: extremely dark) I’ve mostly been 1,495 shades of blonde.

Because of my current financial situation, I’ve not had my hair done in at least three months. I am pretty sure it’s closer to four. This is absolute sacrilege in my world. Come hell or high (dish)water I’ve always had my hair done consistently every 6-8 weeks. Outside of my ridiculous makeup collection, it’s pretty much the only high maintenance habit in my life for now (dear imaginary future husband, two words: Michael and Kors).  So basically what I’m saying is I’m officially dying over here. It really hurts us, precious. Luckily for me and everyone who has to look at me, I picked up a little work this week and it’s going straight into the hands of a hairstylist at some point in the near future. Come on y’all, priorities. And it can’t come a minute too soon, I have a few interviews coming up and oh that’s right, I had a total come apart last night.

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How to relax: Yaya Foot Spa

Yaya LoversHope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine was wonderful and we had gorgeous Southern California-esque weather. Saturday evening was lovely; I had dinner and caught up with three of my very best girlfriends. The four of us have been friends for over a decade now; we’ve visited other states and foreign countries, chased hockey players, watched the Sex and the City finale and both movies together (ladies you know how important this is!), cried many tears and shared a plethora of other wonderful memories. In fact, not that this qualifies as a “wonderful memory“, but all three were in my (first) wedding. I expect they’ll play a part in the second (and last!) as well.

The times all four of us can get together collectively are few and far between. So when we do we make it count. Usually it’s some sort of beauty treatment (facials, mani/pedis, etc.) and a yummy dinner. This time around we checked out Yaya Foot Spa on West Lovers Lane (across from Inwood Village). It’s EXACTLY what it sounds like, a spa just for your feet. No pedicures, just an hour-long, extremely intense reflexology foot massage. For only $36 + tip (please, always tip appropriately). And it’s EXACTLY as amazing as it sounds. If you’re a runner, if you wear heels often (for my industry friends, imagine this after a week at CinemaCon) or if you just love to be pampered…you have to try this out! I won’t lie, there’s nothing fancy about this location and it’s quite small. I was told the Duncanville location is more spacious. Either way, be sure to make reservations in advance because they’re quite popular. The aesthetics are those of your average nail salon, but the chairs are heavenly and they work some magic on your footsies. And given what my feet have been through the past two years (the right ankle busted, the left pulling double duty) I didn’t even realize how bad I needed some attention. Who knew you could get knots in your feet?! In addition, spending money on something so self-indulgent has not been on my agenda for months now. It was quite a treat and extra appreciated. Perfect if you need to get away for an hour and/or need an alternative pick-me-up. Here is the lowdown from their website:

YaYa Foot Spa is the longtime dream of Oak Cliff resident Nicole Isenberg. Nicole was born and raised in Northern China and emigrated to the US after marrying the love of her life.  Nicole is passionate about the long-held tradition of reflexology, and is dedicated to providing her patrons a relaxing environment with a high dedication to quality service at affordable prices.

Reflexology-FOOT1The Yaya website, along with other various sites I skimmed about reflexology, state that its many benefits include increased energy and balance; improved circulation and immunity (it is cold and flu season, after all); nerve stimulation and stress relief. For those of you expecting, it apparently aids in pregnancy and delivery relief.

And of course NOW I learn it helps postoperative recovery! I personally do not plan on breaking another bone, but should you happen to do so…crutch or wheel your way to Yaya, y’all. I know me and my healed and healthy bones will all be back.

Should you wish to follow in our footsteps (pun intended?) have dinner afterward at Fernando’s. We hit up the Midway location, which is rather family oriented, but I know the Travis location is quite a hot spot. Their salsa trio is amazing and if you’re staying healthy, they have a killer skinny margarita (that I couldn’t have this time around since I am diligently on my 24-Day Challenge) and the Ensalada de la Casa is very diet friendly (sub salsa for the dressing!)

Xo, Nikki