In other blogs: “Dear single dudes: it’s time to man up”

637e70a13f7930e481d4d03afa92710bI have thought this over for four days now and there is no way around the fact writing about this is going to appear as anything less than extraordinarily passive aggressive. So let me just get this out of the way…

Yes. Several things detailed in Matt Walsh’s original article reminded me of my experiences in dating. By several things, I mean pretty much the entire thing. Did I think of specific individuals when I read it? Oh my gosh, of course. But am I choosing to write about this to get my thoughts and feelings across to anyone in particular? No. I do solemnly swear I am not. I don’t even know if anyone I have dated is reading this and really don’t care either way. I am doing this because this article has a plethora of valid points that are a major source of frustration for my single girlfriends, reasons why some of them choose not to date at all. I don’t believe writing about this will change anything; I’m not that naïve.

I do think there are still actual men out there who are capable of “getting serious” and exhibiting the finer qualities for which we seek. I don’t think they’re ALL pieces of shit (despite what I say after vodka #3). Having said that, I wholeheartedly agree with Walsh and believe there is a major epidemic of guys with lazy dating skills. And once you reach a certain age and stage of life, lazy dating is rather unattractive, counterproductive and overall, an extreme waste of time and effort.

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