What to watch: Fall TV (the pilots)

E-CardAs I’ve discussed here and here, I love television. A lot. Probably more than I should at my age. Or really, at any age. But also like I’ve mentioned before, there are worse things to which one can be addicted. Cocaine, for example. I’ve never tried it and don’t really intend to. But a glass (bottle) of wine and a fantastic new episode of Empire or Scandal is the equivalent of a good high in my world. Easily excited, this one.

Fall is undoubtedly one of my favorite times of year. First you have the typical white girl reasons why: pumpkin spice everything, boots, scarves, and clothes that actually cover up all your wobbly bits and transgressions. Second you have football, hockey, and playoff baseball. And last, but certainly not least, you have fall television. One must now specify FALL television, as TV programming (much like film releases) is now year-round. Summer TV has brought us plenty of goodies: Entourage, Ray Donovan, Mistresses, and so much more. But the golden eggs still lie in Fall.

This season also gives me anxiety. Because amongst all of my returning shows, I must make major decisions about what new ones to watch. By the time September and October actually get here, it’s usually easy to cross many off the list simply because I am exhausted by how much a network is trying to push a show (or four) down our collective throats. I almost dumped Blindspot for this very reason, but so glad I didn’t. This year there were many debuts that caught my eye. But  between an enormous amount of returning shows and the fact I can’t stop myself from starting new binges (Damages on Netflix and The Leftovers on HBO, currently), I didn’t try out very many this year. I don’t do many comedies, never have, so although Grandfathered and The Grinder made me go hmm originally, I haven’t watched them. Please, by all means, tell me if I should. So one-hour dramas are up to bat.

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What to watch: television killed the boyfriend (Part 1)

53fb3cc15edff5592b9b2dd650b66d8dThere are three types of people in this world I do not trust. Those who claim to not drink. Those who claim they only read non-fiction. And those who claim not to watch television.

We are in the second golden age of television, if you don’t watch TV, what in the world is wrong with you? Please don’t actually answer that, because your response will inevitably be obnoxious and I can’t deal with you. TV has literally (please read that as if Chris Traeger is saying it) kept me off a ledge numerous times over the past six years. Specifically in the past six months. My DVR and Netflix combine for one of the best relationships (and only threesome…) I’ve ever been in and I am by no means ashamed to admit it. My TV boyfriends have certainly treated me much better than some of the real ones, THEY at least aren’t afraid to commit.

I can snuggle up with Jax Teller, Derek Morgan or Jackson Avery any time I want. And it’s amazing. As I typed that I just realized I can’t actually take any of those home to Daddy. Maybe Jax if I cleaned him up a little. But cleaning him up completely defeats his purpose.

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