What to hear: historically real men prefer The Marilyns with curls and curves

91b4f4eeb2cae29426b3e52922cb00a0I am 225% an unashamed, unabashed, ridiculously overboard Miranda Lambert fan. She’s from Texas. She’s around 5’3″. She’s blonde. She loves to drink. Clearly we are meant to be BFFs. She just needs to meet me.

You won’t be surprised to know I have been to her Pink Pistol store in Lindale, own multiple Junk Gypsy shirts with her lyrics and of course every single album she’s released. I know every word, have a Miranda Lambert station on Pandora and have seen her live three times, including once at Billy Bob’s, which was phenomenal. Of the songs that have fortunately made it on the radio, Gunpowder and Lead, Heart Like Mine, Only Prettier and Mama’s Broken Heart are my favorites. However, there are so many of her older songs that didn’t make it on air that I play in heavy rotation: Guilty in Here from 2007’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and I Wanna Die from 2005’s Kerosene being the top two; and from her last album, 2011’s Four the Record (her most successful to date), Fine Tune (dirty, dirty song y’all!), Same Old You and Easy Living.

150+ words and I’ve not even touched the two Pistol Annies albums yet. It’s a sickness, I know.

Her newest album, Platinum, came out about a month ago and if it was an actual CD, I would have already worn it out. The first track released was Automatic, which country radio has successfully beat into the ground repeatedly. Although it’s a cute song and very timely, in my opinion it’s not the best song on Platinum. It was, however, a guaranteed hit, which was good publicity for the upcoming album. I am in marketing; I get it.

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