Throwback Thursday: “what might have been” from Crazy Lil Sports Lady

romo_eaglesIf I had, let’s say, a thousand dollars for every time someone has asked me why I gave up my sports blog I would be well on my way to finding a 21 year-old to adopt as his Sugar Mama. I also have no doubt that if I’d kept up with that blog consistently I would be making some nice cash off it by now. But, as we all know, life happens. I moved back to Texas, got a new job that sucked a lot of life out of me and well, you know the rest. And I’ll be very honest, the Cowboys continued demise undoubtedly contributed the greatest effort to bursting my lovely little sports blog balloon. Cause they friggin suck.

Having said that, loving sports is a big part of who I am and what makes me happy…for the most part. I still have access to most of my posts, not all; I lost a lot when I let one of my accounts go (I can’t think about that right now…). I have many girlfriends who are huge, legitimate fans of various sports and well, Dallas is in the title of this blog. And Dallas loves its teams. Until they fall below .500. Funny how the Stars got REAL popular again last season, huh? #judging

I already have one previous sports related posted, Ladies who love their hockey, a somewhat condensed version of a series of posts from Crazy Lil Sports Lady about my most favorite hockey memories. Basically it’s a dramedy covering my years as an amateur stalker. Good times. So in honor of Throwback Thursday and in effort to keep CLSL alive on some level, below is a post from January 2009. How much I knew about the Cowboys then shocks even me. I am saddened by how much I’ve lost that loving feeling. But it’s also quite humorous to see, these five and a half years later, how very little has changed. Jerry Jones is the physical embodiment of insanity. A few weeks ago I was at AT&T Stadium for the final George Strait concert, to get to our seats we had to pass under Jerry’s suite…and there he was. There was a LINE of stupidity waiting to speak to him and kiss the ring. I wanted to vomit my nachos (but they cost too much). I said – out loud – that is the last human being in this entire stadium of 104,000 people I want to talk to. At which point a young lad of about 19 yelled out, “SEE? That’s how I feel, Dad! Why would I want to go up there?” Good kid, that one.

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Ladies who love their hockey

Dallas-Stars-New-Logo-2014Featured in November 2008 on my silly little sports blog (Crazy Lil Sports Lady), which some of you may remember, was a series of three posts about my top 15 hockey memories. I dug through my memory at the time to honor the Stars’ first appearance at the Staples Center that season, since I lived in LA. Most of my LA friends and probably some of my Dallas friends had very little clue how big a hockey fan I was in my younger years. Definitely not saying I’m no longer a fan, because I still love the Stars and hockey more than the Cowboys and football even (no really). It just doesn’t quite, what’s the word, consume me like it did from late middle school to early college. And I’ve not allowed myself to get too attached for years. The reasons I retired from the super fandom are many. One, I grew up. That tends to happen, I hear. Two, I fell madly in love with the movie business and decided that was my official path. Three, I saw what was happening to and around me and it freaked me out. I’ve met many women over the years, across multiple sports and additional fandoms (mostly music), who let it overtake their lives. Why they choose to do so is their business, not ours. I don’t judge; I just didn’t want it to happen to me. Not to mention, a lot of things changed when the Stars won the Stanley Cup in 1999. The original generation of fans that were around beforehand know what I mean; it’s just not the same. But don’t get me wrong, I certainly wouldn’t change the fact we did win…IT WAS A GOAL AFTER ALL, Y’ALL.

Having said that, since I moved  back to Dallas in 2010 I have reconnected with some old hockey friends and met some absolutely wonderful new ones via the Stars fandom on Twitter. And you guessed it…the majority of them are beautiful, well-rounded ladies. For the official record, there are few things in this world more fierce than a true female hockey fan. If you’ve ever been exposed to one on any level, myself included back in the day, you know what I mean. We’re no joke.

I’ll go ahead and state what you’re all thinking. Hell yes hockey players are hot. We’re not blind or stupid. They can wear a suit like no other collective group of men on the planet. It’s got to be something in their genetics; it’s that ridiculous. Oh here’s your first hockey stick, honey, and oddly enough this Armani suit came with it. Strange. That observation aside, that’s not what attracts us to the sport. It just, you know, doesn’t hurt. Hockey brings a passion to the table that other sports don’t and can’t. Unless you’re into it, you don’t and won’t understand.

I went to my first game since pre-season last night. My friend Taylor graciously gave me tickets and one of the first things she said once we met up were “I better see this on your blog.” Oh, I’ve been waiting for this. The good news is I still have access to my posts from 2008. So here they are. Hope you’re comfy. I wanted to share again, under this context (read: to prove my point that girls can be real fans, too!) and to share a little trip down memory lane for my newer Stars friends, with whom I hope to make new memories very, very soon. Please note I didn’t make any edits to this, so add five years to the timeline and remember some of it has changed. For example, Morrow is no longer with the Stars and Langenbrunner is retired. Sad face. When I originally wrote this I’d been a hockey fan for 15 years. Now it’s 20. TWENTY!!! Good lord, I’m going to drink now…

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