Where to shop: Fresh at NorthPark Center

Fresh 01Towards the end of my LA days, a friend of mine introduced me to SpaWeek. If you’ve not heard of or participated in SpaWeek, you really should; I’ve taken full advantage of it then in LA and several times since in Dallas. Twice a year, in April and October, participating locations offer around three of their signature services for only $50 each. It’s the perfect opportunity to dip your toe in the spa waters (literally or figuratively) if you’ve never done so. Or, if you’re addicted like a lot of us, it’s the chance to try out some of the more pricier establishments you normally wouldn’t dare. This is how I was introduced to Hiatus Spa in Inwood Village (and became a member) and the Fresh store at NorthPark.

According to their website, there are only 14 standalone Fresh stores in the world; the majority are of course in New York. NorthPark has the only one in Texas, which isn’t a surprise to anyone familiar with the magnificent place that it is. People fly in from all over the globe just to shop at NorthPark, it’s THAT awesome. It’s Texas’s version of South Coast Plaza (for my SoCal friends) and without a doubt my favorite place in the city. It was late one SpaWeek that I decided I needed to partake of it before it was over, but knew I couldn’t get an appointment at any of the actual spas, so I thought I would give Fresh a try. I figured since it was a retail store and at the mall (NorthPark despises being called a mall, by the way) and late on a Friday I had a shot. And I was right. It’s a super tiny store on the first level near the escalators one takes to AMC or the food court, you might overlook it but I dare say you won’t once you actually go in there. They have, without a doubt, the best customer service of any store I’ve ever been into from New York to Los Angeles. My first experience that SpaWeek was great and I was super pleased to find out whatever you spend on the facial (SpaWeek is $50, otherwise it’s more) you actually get back in credit towards product. It’s a win-win situation and definitely not something other places offer!

Last year three of my girlfriends and I decided to do a Fresh facial party for my birthday. The year before is when I’d broken my ankle leaving my birthday party, so we figured a spa day was much more safe. Fresh blocked out an entire Saturday morning for us and pretty much rolled out the red carpet. They had mimosas, a fruit and cheese platter and delicious cake balls. Who doesn’t love cake balls? If I recall, they made around $1,000 from us that day. Every single dollar was worth it and we’ve all continued to buy their products. They even had little gift bags full of samples for each of us and for me, a gift box full of even more. Screw Tiffany turquoise, Fresh powder blue is officially my favorite blue box or bag to get now! (Please note, I will not turn down the turquoise…)

Knowing very well how infrequent people take the time to compliment pristine customer service (and how frequent they complain about the lack there of), I followed up our visit with a Facebook post on the official Fresh page. I’m pretty sure I word vomited all over them. The team at NorthPark deserved to be recognized for how incredibly lovely they were. From what I was told afterward, their corporate office commended them nationally and encouraged all the stores to begin hosting parties like we had. I received the sweetest thank you note in the mail from our main girl, Ellie. Needless to say, they have life-long customers in all of us. We’ve been back for facials twice, once the following SpaWeek and then this past Friday actually, thanks to an invite sent directly from the store. Seriously folks, I love their products but moreso, I LOVE THESE GIRLS. Their friendly faces and service Friday night meant more to me than they know, because it’s been so very long since I’ve treated myself to something like that.

Below is a list and links to my favorite products. Although you can purchase everything online or at most Sephoras, Nordstroms, etc. if you live in Dallas, I highly suggest you make it into the store. You won’t regret it. If you have any questions or need suggestions on other products, please let me know…trust me, I got this.

1. Soy Face Cleanser

Fresh 032. Black Tea Age Delay Instant Infusion Toner – this is a brand spanking new product and doesn’t seem to be on the website yet. So this is actually mine. it’s fabulous. I was using the Rose Floral Toner beforehand but am officially converting. However, I will tell you a bottle of the Rose lasted me NINE months. You’ll find most of their products last quite awhile, which is nice for the price tag.

3. Rose Hydrating Face Serum – I’ll probably switch back and forth between it and the Black Tea Age Delay Serum from now on.

4. Black Tea Age Delay Eye Concentrate – are you seeing a trend here?!

5. Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

6. Both the Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask and Rose Face Mask (the first Fresh product I ever bought!)

7. Soy Face Exfoliant

8. Sugar Lip Polish – I use this stuff at least three or four times a week. Red lip color looks horrid if you don’t have smooth smackers.

9. Sugar Lip Treatment – I specifically get the one this links to, the advanced therapy, but any of the tinted ones (so many options) are amazing.

10. Oh my goodness, I just got a sample of this Friday and it’s officially my new favorite perfume, Fresh Life. My imaginary boyfriend (read: me, myself, I) is planning on getting this as my Valentine’s or birthday present.

I only bought a couple of things Friday night and trust me when I say I was extremely guilt ridden, as I have been so cost conscious of late. But, I will say this, feeling good about yourself, even if it’s just having glowing skin, can make the world of difference on a daily basis. Feeling fabulous means feeling confident and feeling confident can potentially mean everything.

Xo, Nikki


4 thoughts on “Where to shop: Fresh at NorthPark Center

  1. Jessica Fritsche says:

    I love their lip treatments SO much though I have trouble buying them full-price for myself…I should try some of their other stuff, even though me and my super sensitive skin are scared of branching out.

    • Nikki says:

      Secret: the lip treatment they often (like ALL the time) give away as a sample. It’s smaller than the one you purchase, but still…it’s awesome for on the go. And we love it for free dollars.

      And also, Kira has super crazy rosacea and has never had issues with their products. I thought about you when she and I were discussing that.

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