One step out of the comfort zone

NikkiOne of my most cherished memories was attending the NBC Universal Golden Globes party in 2007. It’s held on the rooftop of the Beverly Hilton (where the Globes are actually hosted) and was co-hosted that year by – wait for it – Cartier. I know I don’t necessarily have to spell out why this particular memory is held so high on the list of my greater life events. However, it’s not entirely obvious. Yes it was glamorous, yes I saw the entire cast of The Office and Entourage. Yes I told Adrian Grenier I love him. Yes I dined on sushi and Cartier champagne all night long. Oh and yes…I won a Cartier watch, which was presented by the President of Cartier in front of EVERYONE. Although I am a female and do naturally love shiny things, I don’t actually put much stock into material goods. In fact, this blog will be a testament to that. But I can’t lie, that watch means the world to me. Because it’s symbolic of that evening and the way it made me FEEL. And it makes me smile.

I have never been and will never be a size zero, a beauty queen or quite possibly know how to put together a stylish outfit. I didn’t go to prom, I only had one homecoming date and we both wanted to be there with other people. I am divorced, have yet to conquer the dating world and find my person. I love sports and have often been a guy’s girl. By no means should you think this is a pity party (though I’ve been known to throw a good one!) This is an elaborate and biographical way of saying I am not your typical Dallas girl. And, for the record, at the doorstep of 34 I am finally learning to LOVE who I am. I am certainly an expert in down in the dump moments. We ALL have them. And I’m determined to keep us away from the Phish Food and Chinese takeout to make them better (Lovers Eggroll has to know my order by now). There are much better alternatives in the world of mental health and emotional wellness. If I’ve not been there and/or tried them already, I’m definitely willing.

So whether it be a phenomenal facial, a fab new Essie color, the perfect red lip or an amazing yoga class…I adore all the lovely things that a girl can DO or participate in to make herself feel wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, I know that happiness begins and ends with what’s inside.  But you know what a mani/pedi or a walk at the lake can do for your spirits! And it’s often been said Dallas women know how to take care of themselves. I do not dispute this. I’ve called it pretention in my crabbier times. But I now choose to use the pretention for good.

This blog will be a journey through Dallas via spas, nail salons, yoga studios, gyms, as much NorthPark as I can manage to squeeze in, down the Katy Trail and much more. I think you get the gist. Don’t be surprised, though, if I throw in some wine and cocktail reviews as well as some Pinterest experiments and what to watch on Netflix. And MAYBE a pair of shoes or two. Maybe.

This is a huge transition for a former sports blogger. But a lot of thinking, experience in trying to feel better about my ridiculous self, encouragement from one of my oldest friends and an addiction to Gabrielle Bernstein have led me here. I hope you enjoy!

Xo, Nikki