How to be: 2014

2014I’ve never been a proponent of counting down the days until a year is over. Or when its last days are upon us, bemoaning what a terrible year it was and blasting social media with all that went wrong. I believe every year serves its purpose. However, I struggled immensely with not doing ALL of that in the last few weeks of 2013. It was not a kind year. My grandmother died, I went through a terrible, very unpleasant breakup (and I can’t seem to stop finding out additional information that makes it all worse) and also experienced my first layoff and subsequent unemployment. A situation I’ve not been able to remedy yet. For anyone else going through a long-standing job search, let’s grab a drink. Or four.

Through all of this, there has been one silver lining. I’ve re-established my faith and will be joining a new church this coming weekend. Through all of the studying and meditation I’ve done, I know that I’m right where I need to be. Although it may not be comfortable and no light at the end of the tunnel is visible, this whole experience will serve a greater purpose. I repeated these words to myself over and over again as 2013 wound down. And I put myself to task making big plans for 2014. I will make this my year.

New Years Resolutions are always ambitiously made and rarely kept. I had two pages of absolute gibberish for mine. I started wondering, if I couldn’t organize my goals for the year, how in the world was I going to organize myself for the year? Plus I didn’t want the stereotypical “lose weight” and “save money” mantras. Those are things I need to be doing regardless if it’s the start of a new year. Then I came across a post by Lauren Conrad  (on whom I’ve developed a massive girl crush!) on Pinterest, which laid out eight resolutions of stunning perfection. Naturally I have to share –

1. A bad habit I’m going to break

Drinking too much too often. This has to stop, for many reasons. Most of all my sanity and so I don’t have to self-edit on Twitter and Instagram the next morning! What does the stuff I say even mean?! In addition, my sailor mouth? It must go.

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