What to watch: Her

Her-Movie-Poster-400x600I’m sure the majority of who are reading this right now are aware I’ve spent my entire career (since I was 16 actually) in the  movie/movie theater business. Shoveling popcorn and cleaning up those leftover Goobers and Diet Coke of yours was my very first job. That turned into theater management, which turned into corporate marketing, which turned into three years in Los Angeles. Then a return to corporate marketing, which turned into unemployment when we were sold. But that’s not the point. I still LOVE going to the movies and the business itself, in fact I kind of enjoy it even more now that it’s not my job. I hope it forever remains one of my favorite escapes.

Of the award contenders I’ve seen, I loved Captain Phillips, Wolf of Wall Street and Dallas Buyers Club. Wolf of Wall Street is the most bizarre, offensive, vulgar, yet amazing, cocaine and hooker-fueled trip through 80s wall street you can imagine. It’s shockingly fabulous. I’ve also seen American Hustle. I’m going to get pushback from my fellow industry folks on this, but I was sorely disappointed. I’ve looked forward to this movie for eons (Bradley Cooper, anyone?) so apparently my expectations were just too high. In my personal opinion, it was disjointed and slow. Don’t tell me I don’t appreciate David O. Russell, because Silver Linings Playbook is one of my top 20 movies of all time. Amy Adams’ wardrobe and Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in AH however? Both awesome.

Yesterday, one of my girlfriends and I spent an afternoon at NorthPark. Window shopping and a trip to AMC (the worst run theater EVER) to see Her, which just opened in Dallas yesterday.


Technically it is a 2013 movie since it began it’s release last year, therefore I will say it’s my favorite movie of 2013. It’s absolutely fascinating. It will make you think about everything. Your relationships, your life, how you handle your past and of course how much you use technology. As soon as you finish reading this, get off your computer/phone and go speak to a HUMAN BEING. The relationship between Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) and Samantha (his operating system) becomes very real and very painful. And this could really happen, people…and happen soon! What I will say, however, is that as far advanced technology is and what a significant role it plays in life in this film, it made me smile to see how it’s juxtaposed by both the fashion (very 70s) and  Theo’s job. He writes “handwritten” letters for people. His organization stores your handwriting and they compose original letters on your behalf. So although, yes, someone else is creating original words for you, at least they’re some form of “handwritten” letters right? We don’t even do that NOW. That goes to show you, no matter how much changes in society, some things we just can’t let go of. And it’s my belief this lovely film – both in content and visually – serves as a warning to not let humanity be one of them.

My most favorite quote comes from Amy (Amy Adams), which I must share:

We are only here briefly, and in this moment I want to allow myself joy.

Xo, Nikki