What to watch: television killed the boyfriend (Part 2)

E-CardEarlier this year I posted Television killed the boyfriend (Part 1) in which I word vomited my overall love for television and featured my top ten shows of yesteryear. I absolutely loved hearing your thoughts and own favorite oldies both on here and Facebook. I am always down for a lengthy discussion of all things boob tube. Wait, does anyone say that anymore? Regardless, many of us shared shows in common. This is why we are friends, Readers.

I figured it was time to discuss my favorite shows of today. Kids, this was NOT an easy thing to do. If you only knew how many shows I watch you would actually wonder how I have any social or dating life at ALL, or even time to shower. I much prefer to spend my time on the couch in jammies watching most anything on my DVR or Netflix, but apparently one doesn’t find a husband or stay in shape that way? That’s what I’m told. So alas, here is my beloved list of top ten current favorite shows (narrowing it down was torture, you’ll see I totally cheated…twice). Again, they’re listed in alphabetical order because I can’t stomach the thought of trying to rank them.

Anything by Shonda Rhimes

ShondalandSee? I’m a cheat. This woman reigns supreme when it comes to primetime drama. I’ve watched and loved all of her shows: Grey’s, Scandal and Private Practice. I think I’m the only person I know who actually watched every episode of PP. I still want to stab all most of the characters. However, my favorite, Amelia, has made her way to Seattle full-time so I am thrilled. It soothed some of the pain (not all, but some) of having to say goodbye to Yang. Though I will say, as much as I love Grey’s and believe those of us who suffered through the middle years have been rewarded with the excellence of the last few seasons, it’s really time for this show to bow out. Scandal on the other hand? One of the most brilliant shows on television today. OLIVIA + FITZ 4EVER.

The Big Bang Theory

big-bang-top-the-big-bang-theory-who-s-set-to-have-the-first-babyI attempted to watch Big Bang several times before it and I finally clicked. God bless syndication and marathons. The most recent season is the first I watched as it originally aired. I love all the geekdom of course, I have been to Comic-Con after all. But I am such a gooey, hopeless romantic that I seriously teared up when Leonard and Penny at long last got engaged  (um, spoiler alert!) I know it’s fiction people, I really do, but it gives me hope. If it’s meant to be it will always find a way! It was one of the many themes of Sex and the City: Carrie and Big! Charlotte and Harry! Miranda and Steve! And along those same lines…


BonesGood gosh how long did we wait for Bones and Booth to finally end up together?! I don’t know many others who consistently watch this show. I, myself, started watching it after binging on Netflix (shocking). I’ve also read all 16 books by Kathy Reichs on which the show is based. So clearly I am a fan. The books are set in Charlotte and Montreal, so I had a a bit of a nerd alert moment when I went to Charlotte for the first time earlier this year. Lovely city, by the way.

Criminal Minds

MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER, PAGET BREWSTER, SHEMAR MOORE, THOMAS GIBSON, JOE MANTEGNA, AJ COOK, KIRSTEN VANGSNESSCriminal Minds is another show I picked up thanks to syndication and marathons. I lost a lot of hours (days, really) to this show a few years ago thanks to ION and A&E. I’m not complaining though; it’s utterly fascinating. Who doesn’t want to be a member of the BAU?! I have learned, however, not to let this be what is on TV as I am trying to fall asleep. It will freak a girl out and ain’t nobody want THOSE kinds of dreams. Well, unless they’re involving Derek Morgan, then the more the better!

This is one of those shows which has had iconic moments longtime viewers will never forget: Gideon leaving, Haley’s death and the whole terrifying Foyet storyline, JJ leaving…and coming back, Prentiss dying…and coming back! And aww, JJ and Will’s wedding! So sweet! I will admit though, I never was a fan of Elle! But I’m always a fan of Rossi cooking! And of Morgan or Reid doing, well, anything.


longmire-season-2-casting-native-americans-in-New-MexicoThis is probably the only surprise on here. There really is only one subset of my friends who may watch this show and I wish more people would give it a try (I do believe the first two seasons are on Netflix). It’s a truly great show with a lot of genuine qualities and characters not found elsewhere on TV. Walt Longmire is the epitome of the great American rough and tough hero. And Branch isn’t too hard on the eyes, despite the fact he’s a jack hole. And you guys, it has LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS…and Starbuck!

This is another series I’m reading the books on which it’s based. I’m currently on the ninth book…I have a life outside of this house, I swear!

Mad Men

This one is relatively self-explanatory. Cause it’s Mad Men. Top three reasons I love this show: one, I love the 60s – the houses (my dream home is mid-century modern), the furniture, the clothes, the everything; two, it’s genius and three:don-draper





The Mindy Project

mindy_projectI almost made this a combo of Mindy Project and New Girl, because I do love New Girl and they combine for one great hour of TV each week. But  for me personally, The Mindy Project is the most relatable program in existence. So much so it actually gets uncomfortable to watch. I have done and said so many of the same things as Mindy, I just don’t care to list them. At all. It’s embarrassing! I would totally drunk ride a bike into a pool though, you guys know that.

Modern Family

Modern_FamilyIn my opinion, Modern Family has never had a bad season or even a bad episode. I am amazed at how creative and hysterical it remains. And also? #TeamLily





nashville-cast-broadwayIt’s a show based on the country music business and starring Connie Britton, I was destined to watch Nashville. But I will say, outside of any storyline directly related to Rayna or Juliette I’m halfway checked out these days. Scarlett is to me what nails on a chalkboard are to most people. She is officially on my list of most disliked characters (that post is coming one day; I take this stuff seriously). But overall, it’s still on this list so clearly it’s a cherished favorite. I also love seeing shots of Nashville itself. I’ve only been there once but without a doubt it’s one of the U.S. cities I could honestly see myself living if the occasion presented itself. Uh, I sure as heck wouldn’t turn down a marketing job in country music.

Parks and Recreation

indexYet another show I picked up after a Netflix binge. I never got into the American version of The Office or even Community (though I tried with both) but did like – but not really love – 30 Rock, but there is something about Parks and Rec that I just freaking LOVE. That something is Amy Poehler. I really, really, really want to be her best friend. Cause in my mind she is just like Leslie Knope! And Leslie Knope is the BEST best friend EVER. Plus Adam Scott? Adorable.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 BannerIn a way, this alphabetical thing turned out well. Cause it saved the best for last. In full disclosure this is a show I just added to my repertoire this very year. My friend Fred in LA got me turned onto SOA and for that I almost owe him my first born. I love it THAT MUCH. I clearly have watched and do watch a lot of television, but never has there been a show so consuming or that has screwed you up as much as SOA can and will. No character on this show is sacred or safe. If you’ve never watched it and decide to do so (as you should) do yourself a favor and do not get attached to anyone. But here’s the deal, you won’t be able to stop yourself. You will get attached. And you will be destroyed.

This is the final season coming up; they just started filming and I already have anxiety and depression in anticipation. But I absolutely encourage you to take on this show. You will kiss my feet for doing so. Fred converted me to the church of SOA, in turn I’ve converted at least three additional followers. SAMCRO is religion. And a sexy one at that…cause Jax Teller, y’all.


Yeah so that was 11. I had to, as I couldn’t, under any circumstances, leave any of those out. There are many more I could add to it. My Netflix only honorable mentions are of course Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. My reality honorable mention is The Real Housewives of Orange County. The other cities come and go but I’ve never missed an episode of that one. My honorable mentions for shows that just started this season are Blacklist and Trophy Wife (I think it’s cute!) My honorable mention for absolute guilty, dirty pleasure and summertime favorite is Mistresses. Cause it’s fabuuuuulous.

Now…your turn!

Xo, Nikki




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