What to watch: television killed the boyfriend (Part 1)

53fb3cc15edff5592b9b2dd650b66d8dThere are three types of people in this world I do not trust. Those who claim to not drink. Those who claim they only read non-fiction. And those who claim not to watch television.

We are in the second golden age of television, if you don’t watch TV, what in the world is wrong with you? Please don’t actually answer that, because your response will inevitably be obnoxious and I can’t deal with you. TV has literally (please read that as if Chris Traeger is saying it) kept me off a ledge numerous times over the past six years. Specifically in the past six months. My DVR and Netflix combine for one of the best relationships (and only threesome…) I’ve ever been in and I am by no means ashamed to admit it. My TV boyfriends have certainly treated me much better than some of the real ones, THEY at least aren’t afraid to commit.

I can snuggle up with Jax Teller, Derek Morgan or Jackson Avery any time I want. And it’s amazing. As I typed that I just realized I can’t actually take any of those home to Daddy. Maybe Jax if I cleaned him up a little. But cleaning him up completely defeats his purpose.

Because I’ve undergone major spring cleaning and organizing of late (clearly I have the time), I’ve had the opportunity to sift through my TV on DVD collection. So I feel the need to discuss my absolute favorite shows of all time. These are shows whose days are over but will forever live in my heart and home entertainment collection. Present shows we shall discuss later. Cause I can go on about TV forever. The shows listed below are quite diverse and I had to put them in alphabetical order; it makes me too emotional to truly rank them. This list is based off of how many times I’ve actually watched all the episodes (some of them an almost embarrassing amount) and the fact I own all seasons of most of them. If you judge me, I will kill you. Side note, WB and HBO home video should have sponsored this post.


01-CouplingI’m positive most of you just thought wait, what? What a way to start this out, right? My friend Leslie and I have been freaks about all things British as long as I can remember (she even longer than I). I’m not sure if it was before or after we actually went to London that I started obsessively watching BBC America, but that happened. The two shows I took to the most were Coupling and um…Footballer’s Wives. I can’t bring myself to put Footballer’s Wives on this list, but just know I own all seasons of it as well. Most ridiculous show ever; the Real Housewives of Wherever ain’t got nothing on Tanya Turner. However, Coupling is wonderful, hilarious and so very sweet. I was nowhere near shocked when the American version didn’t stick. We screw everything up.


02-EntourageEntourage was seriously the tipping point in my desire to move to California. And I won’t lie, since I moved back to Dallas I can’t watch it without almost re-packing all my crap, loading it up in the Mazda (again) and heading west. But then I remember life in my tiny apartment in Studio City was nothing like Vinnie’s. And as I mentioned in my introduction post, I did drunkenly tell Adrian Grenier that I love him. And I meant it. He was slurring words, so I’m not entirely sure he took me seriously. So rude. Anyhow, I’m quite excited for the movie though I’m not really sure how it’s going to turn out. I wasn’t a fan of either of the Sex and the City movies, but…we’ll see.


03-FelicityMy Felicity DVDs without a doubt have gotten the most playtime over the years; I’m shocked they still work. I don’t need to explain why I loved this show because anyone else who watched it completely understands. Plus, it coincided with my college years. When Felicity was a freshman, I was a freshman. However, I didn’t follow my biggest high school crush to college. Thank the Lord. That wouldn’t have turned out anywhere near as well. Anyway, this show was (and still is) phenomenal. Team Noel For Life. I don’t even call him Jake on Scandal, I call him Noel…cause that’s his name.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night LightsI almost wished this had an X at the beginning of the title so I could talk about Friday Night Lights last. I love this show so very much I could cry when talking about it if I allowed myself. I didn’t watch this show until I think the third season went live (I’d watched the first two online right before). I lived in LA at the time and two of my guy friends, one here in Dallas and one in LA, were seriously on my ass about watching it because of my love of football. You do not need to be a football fan to appreciate this show. It is so real. The emotions of each and every character are sometimes gut wrenching and always palpable. Though if you are a football fan it makes it even better. It will rip your heart out. Nothing made me as homesick as this show did. As actors, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton can do no wrong in my mind. And this world would be a better place if Eric and Tami Taylor were our President and First Lady…am I right?! TEXAS FOREVER.

P.S. for all the chicks who haven’t watched FNL and happen to now love Taylor Kitsch. We lady FNL fans say you’re welcome.

Gilmore Girls

05-Gilmore GIrlsGilmore Girls is another show I didn’t watch when it originally began to air. I feel like I picked it up sometime in its fourth or fifth season, maybe? My then sister-in-law was a huge fan and got me hooked on it. I actually got to see the sets multiple times on the Warner Bros. studio tour. Somewhere on my Facebook page is a picture of me sitting on the steps of Lorelai and Rory’s house. I’ll catch grief for this, but I never liked Dean. He was a wet noodle. It’s why I haven’t been able to watch Supernatural. See how wrapped up I get in shows? It’s a sickness. I was, am and always will be a Jess girl. Therefore, watching Heroes was never an issue. Well until it completely sucked.






The Golden Girls

06-Golden GirlsNo really. I watched The Golden Girls when it was on and I can’t physically turn the channel when Lifetime, Logo or TV Land air back-to-back episodes now. And who doesn’t love a good Blanche quote? Not this girl!








I Love Lucy

07-I Love LucyI Love Lucy is the reason why all of the sitcoms we’ve come to love over the years even exist. I have probably seen each and every episode at least 25 times. My mom can back me up, I’ve been a ginormous Lucy fan since I was about 7 or 8 years old. To this day my favorite episodes are still the ones in California. But…BUT…the best episode? When they’re on the way to California and get stuck at the cabin with the stale cheese sandwiches. I laugh until I cry every time the bed scoots across the floor when the train rumbles by. CLASSIC. I have Lucy and Ricky dolls, books, the board game, have seen the traveling exhibit, the exhibit at Universal Studios in Orlando and plan on seeing the stage show in Fort Worth next month. Nothing will ever top this show in my world.




The OC

08-The OCAh yes, another show that played a part in Must Move to California. Out of all of these shows, I miss this being able to see new episodes of The OC the most. Let me clarify…I miss new episodes with Marissa dead the most. I couldn’t stand that character. Ooh, there’s another good post, a complete bashing of all my most despised TV characters (I’m looking at you Jenny Schecter, John Locke and most recently Dana Brody). I actually still listen to the theme song for The OC quite often (nerd) and adore the person Julie Cooper Nichol turned into. Cause she was fabulous. And poor Tate Donovan, can he play anything other than the world’s sorriest excuse for a human man? Goodness.

And, for the record, I am still waiting for my very own Seth Cohen. It’s going to happen. Mazel!


Sex and the City

09-Sex and the CityIf you are shocked by this you have absolutely no business being my friend or reading this blog. After all, Sex and the City is the tag that’s already garnered the most hits. This show has a extra special place in the hearts of all the women I know, including myself, that are currently single in our 30s. When we watched as it originally aired, it was a comedy. A hysterical, amazing, ohemgee I’m so glad that will never happen to me comedy. Alas, here we are over 10 years later and to our kind, it’s now become a documentary. A hysterical (as in put me in a straight jacket), amazing (as in how did they know) and ohemgee that just happened to me last week documentary.

Regardless of our sad state affairs in singledom, this show changed the face of women on television and you can’t deny it dramatically altered what was socially acceptable for women to discuss out loud. The Rabbit became a household name. Companies like Pure Romance would not be the empires they are today without Sex and the City. And they know it.

I watched the finale of SATC with three of my best girlfriends and we all went out for cosmos afterward (cliché, but a must). That epitomizes why I love TV so much, it has the ability to create some amazing memories. Which brings me to…


The Sopranos

10-The SopranosI just got genre whiplash. But this list would not be complete without The Sopranos. This is another show of such high quality that why I love it so much need not be explained. Despite the fact I always had an obsession of all things mob (Bugsy is one of my all-time favorite movies), I didn’t watch this show until a few seasons in as well, but so glad I did. Like with all our nation’s most tragic events, every one remembers where they were when The Sopranos infamous series finale aired. I won’t go into too much detail since one of my girlfriends is just now watching it. How she’s managed to avoid knowing the ending I have no idea. But I can’t wait to get THAT text. If Mad Men ends anywhere near the same I will lead the lynch mob to Matthew Weiner’s house myself. I personally will forever remember The Sopranos ending simply because of with whom I watched it. I was with a bunch of my favorite boys in LA eating Italian in a WeHo condo. It was wonderful and little do they know, one of my most favorite memories.

And because I can’t leave this one out, honorable mention goes to…


Veronica Mars

11-Veronica Mars

I say honorable mention because I did not watch Veronica Mars at all while it was on, but it’s still one of my all-time shows of TV past. Watching it all on Netflix had it’s advantages, cause this is how I learned the power and awesomeness of the Netflix binge! I watched all three seasons in a blink of an eye. How they let this show get cancelled and therefore end that way I have no clue. Such a travesty. I remember texting my college roommate, a fellow Marshmallow, with something like wait, that’s it? What just happened? I don’t understand?! Thank you, Kickstarter, for making this movie possible. Cause WE NEED CLOSURE.

What about you, kids? I know if you’re actually my real life friend your lists could be somewhat similar. But I would love to know if you think I lost my mind and left something out. Maybe it’s even something I haven’t watched? That would be fun!

Xo, Nikki

5 thoughts on “What to watch: television killed the boyfriend (Part 1)

  1. Maxi says:


    I stumbled across your blog after following you on Happier (genius app!) and have been looking through it ever since. I, myself, am a complete TV addict and agree with many of the above mentioned TV shows (O.C., Gilmore Girls) but have now a few new ones to watch- yay! A few other TV shows that are great and have already ended are Roswell (I was never a sci-fi fan until you know Max charmed me with his blue eyes and made aliens seem so much cooler), Friends (because Ross +Rachel are an epic couple!) and ALIAS (which put Jennifer Garner in a whole new life and portrayed Spies in a whole new life before it got too complicated to follow. Plus Michael Vartan and Bradley Cooper star. Total plus!). Could you maybe also recommend current television series that haven’t ended yet? That would be great and I can’t wait to read more from you!


    • Nikki says:

      Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!!! I am actually working on a post about current shows and should have it up this weekend! 🙂 I am a big behind on blogging cause of a new job.

      I actually recently started watching alias on Netflix!!

  2. Maxi says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read that post! 🙂 And btw everytime i wrote life I meant light. Makes a bit more sense. How do you like Alias? Isn’t it amazing?! All of those disguises and awesome fight moves totally make you want to become a spy, doesn’t it? Plus, the eye candy…haha.

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