What to do: afternoon at the INNER Beauty Shop

o65_99gSThe events we get invited to via Facebook are quite numerous. Birthday parties, showers, girls’ nights out, and countless from organizations and places of businesses whose pages we “like”. I”ll be honest, unless it comes from someone with whom I am truly friends and it’s a personal event such as a birthday gathering, I rarely pay attention. Don’t deny it…you’re the same way! However, a couple of weeks ago I received an invite from one my favorite yoga instructors that immediately caught my attention, the event popped up as “The Inner Beauty Shop” and was being hosted at Karmany Yoga here in Dallas.

It was described as thus:

“The Inner Beauty Shop™ is an interactive workshop for girls or women, ages 12 – 100, that allows participants an opportunity to find the beauty within themselves and those around them. Each beauty shop is a transformative experience that includes several interactive and embodied activities, including yoga.”

If you know just one iota of the purpose behind this little blog, you should know I had to RSVP immediately. Having attended this past Saturday, I cannot tell you how incredibly happy I am that I went. At the risk of sounding over-dramatic, I will say this was the most life-altering experience — in a GOOD way, not the I was laid off/my grandmother died and this ass hole just broke my heart bad way of last year — that I’ve had in a significant amount of time. Given what I know about Jayme (the aforementioned yoga instructor) and the positive spirit and juju she brings to her classes, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

I won’t go into too much detail, as a lot of what happens in the Inner Beauty Shop is extremely personal, therefore it stays in the Inner Beauty Shop. But I do want to say if you ever have the chance to host or attend one, you certainly should. Especially if you’re like me (or turns out like most women of all shapes, sizes and life stages) and have constantly struggled with self-image, self-confidence and the terrible voices inside your head. As Jayme said at one point, if we talked to our friends and family the way we do ourselves, chances are none of us would have friends or family around. That…that is a true story. Historically speaking, I have held my best friends on a level ten times higher than I ever would myself. This three-hour workshop starts the process of making those bad habits stop.

The primary purpose of the organization behind Inner Beauty Shops, Embody Love Movement, is to “change the conversation”. This is done by having participants take a very hard (and might I add, difficult) look at the way they see and talk to themselves by utilizing media literacy education, yoga and self-acceptance exercises. Outside of Jayme and the other “facilitator”, there were eight women in the room including myself. I said things out loud in front of these people, these strangers, that I wouldn’t dare say to any one of my best friends or my own mother. And it felt absolutely wonderful. Well, afterward it did. It’s not very pleasant going through it, but you learn very quickly you’re not alone.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence, either, that this all happened about an hour after I had texted my dad asking him to remove a pic of me he’d posted on Facebook, because I looked “huge and horrible.” And Universe didn’t waste any time whatsoever putting my newfound self-appreciation to test, either. But I got this.

If I can do this, trust me, you can to! To find out more information about or to book a Inner Beauty Shop, click here.


2 thoughts on “What to do: afternoon at the INNER Beauty Shop

  1. Melody Moore says:

    I’m so grateful that you took the time to share your experience. I especially love that you included the bit about having just written to your dad to remove your FB picture. It’s so easy to get seduced into thinking that it matters what we look like, instead of who we are and how we serve. Thank you for your vulnerability and your courage. Love, Melody Moore, Ph.D., Founder, Embody Love Movement

    • Nikki says:

      Hi Melody, I hope this message makes it way to you! As inspiring as the Inner Beauty Shop was, my life took a unpleasant detour soon after and I abandoned my blog, which was unfortunate. Writing gives me more joy than anything in this life. Having said that, I am getting everything back on track! I look forward to hearing and writing more about Embody Love Movement!

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