Where to sweat: bodybar Studios

origFor me personally, working out is about much more than trying to be fit, losing weight or any additional health-related reason (though those are on my list of reasons I do, of course, not to mention heart disease runs spastic through my mom’s side of the family). However, without a doubt, the number one reason I workout as much as I do is to keep me from punching people in the face repeatedly. Or crying my eyes out on a daily basis. Basically, it keeps me as close to normal and sane as I possibly can be. If you’ve met either of my parents you certainly know I naturally come by multiple forms of crazy.

Getting into a rut with workouts is extremely easy to do. I overdosed on P90X two years ago and still can’t make it through an entire week of that bloody program anymore without screaming at Tony Horton. And I know a lot of people who are over going to standard, run-of-the-mill boring gyms. Can’t say I blame them. I am a member of one just because it’s, well, cheap. Trust me, if I had my way I would frequent boutique fitness centers only: Flywheel, American Power Yoga and bodybar Studios. Of course, if I had my way I would also be dating Seth MacFarlane. But that’s…clearly off topic.

I have been super excited to write about bodybar for quite some time. I am 150% biased when it comes to these workouts and this Pilates studio. Up until the end of June I worked for them regularly, which is why I held off writing this. In full disclosure, I will still be working there on occasion when someone needs me to fill in; I couldn’t bring myself to leave it all together!

I first took classes at bodybar thanks to a Gilt City package I purchased last summer while I was enjoying my time as a Real Housewife of the M Streets. bodybar at 9 or 10 a.m., lunch (with wine!), TV or maybe an afternoon movie, happy hour by 5 p.m. It was nothing less than fabulous, though obviously not sustainable. Though I did learn what a fantastic workout bodybar is and what a wonderful group of ladies work there.

Fast forward several months to the beginning of the year when it felt as if my days of unemployment would never end. I ended up getting a part-time job at the Dallas studio, which saved me in many ways, both financially and emotionally. I can honestly say this place is much more than a workout. If you are looking for a fun – yet still challenging – workout; a way to breakout of the ordinary, mundane gym rut, become a bodybar member or purchase a package. You will LOVE it. Daily Burn named it “one of 12 splurge-worthy workouts in the U.S.”

I saw many women petrified to even walk in the door of the studio, as they had never even seen a Pilates reformer machine before. Why yes it does look like something straight out of Christian Grey’s Red Room. Not gonna lie about that. But I guarantee you that all the instructors and staff are extremely helpful, encouraging and provide plenty of tips and instruction when it comes to the machines, its multiple funky attachments and the routines. Have no fear!

Keep an eye out online and if you make it to the studio, as they often offer special packages and fun challenges with great prizes. They have three studios: Travis Walk off of Knox in Dallas proper, inside Telos Fitness Center across from the Galleria and Plano. All locations have a great selection of gorgeous, fun retail items AND an excellent juice bar that offers fresh raw, vegan juices, salads and treats. Try the kale salad with cilantro avocado dressing or the protein truffles You won’t be disappointed!

I often get asked who my favorite instructors are. I cannot answer this question without getting copious amounts of grief. I truly believe you won’t be disappointed in any of them. And that’s a true story, they have no idea I’m writing this after all! I will be completely honest and say I’m partial to Kristen, just because she’s the first instructor I ever had and got to know in and out of the studio. She is one of the most genuinely nice and caring women I’ve ever met and if her body doesn’t inspire you to get in shape, I don’t know what will. And if you feel like getting your ass kicked, take any class offered by Dena. You won’t regret it. You may want to punch me in the face the day after, but hey…no pain, no gain, right?


One thought on “Where to sweat: bodybar Studios

  1. Sonia Soller says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the article. I discovered body bar in Jan and it’s changed my life and body…it’s been a slow progress but I have seen changes
    and now my friends are also starting to notice.

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