What to watch: Chef

chef_xlgIf you know me personally or have read more than just my last post bemoaning the lazy dating habits of a fair number of modern men (I have yet to wrap my head around the number of visits this silly little blog has had because of that post…) you know that I’ve spent over half my life in the movie theater business in some form or fashion. I started shoveling popcorn as a means to get a car at 16 and somehow made this fabulous career out of it. I thought I was going to have to leave it last year, which was rather traumatizing. But as I told a direct response vendor today, no one who enters this industry ever successfully leaves this industry. At least not for good. You think I’m joking. I’m not. It’s one big collective, never ending game of incestuous musical chairs. But damn we freaking love each other. And booze. We really love booze.

Because going to the movies has always been part of my “job” I’ve not always enjoyed it. It’s hard to turn it off when you walk into a popcorn-ridden, 60 people in line with only two kids behind the concession stand lobby. But during my days playing the batshit crazy singleton of the Real Housewives of the M Streets (read: when I was unemployed) going to the movies is the one thing I allowed myself to spend money on consistently, other than electricity, dog and cat food, and naturally, wine.

Whether you go alone, with one of your best friends or find a guy who will “man up” as the last post suggests and ask you out on that second date, you should probably choose Chef. I am a little late in posting this so the film is not as wide as it was, but if you’re fortunate to still have it in your market — Dallas, you’re good — don’t walk. Run. Oh wait, be sure to stop and eat something extraordinarily delicious beforehand. If not, you WILL return home and gather ingredients that will only suffice for a somewhat passable grilled cheese, then be sorely disappointed because it didn’t turn out anywhere near as good as the one Jon Favreau makes in the movie. And either way, regret will soon follow because you’ll quickly realize you’ll never have Sofia Vergara’s body by eating grilled cheese, gourmet or otherwise. However, you will still absolutely adore this movie.

A quick summary: Favreau plays a divorced, uber chef who is stuck working for a rather monotonous owner and quickly loses his way (and job) after a nasty run-in with a snarky online food critic. After a trip cross country and a lot of poking, prodding and a hilarious meeting with his ex-wife’s ex-husband played by the always fantastic Robert Downey, Jr., he finally takes her suggestion and buys a food truck. I don’t want to say more than that, because it’s a very sweet, heartwarming (but not in a chick flick way), funny movie you must see. You won’t be disappointed. Side note, it has an excellent performance by John Leguizamo, who I believe to be a highly underrated actor.

This is the type of movie our industry loves; it’s one of those little movies that could. Other titles of this category you might be familiar with are Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State and The Way, Way Back. They are the movies that leave you with warm fuzzy feelings and the reminder that Hollywood hasn’t truly sold its soul to Michael Bay.




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