How to be: hi, my name is Nikki. And I am still a Twilight fan.

HUNGRY KIDS...HA!The majority of you people reading this are from the United States of America, Canada or possibly the UK. Therefore we are all fortunate enough to live in (mostly) free societies. We have the right to our opinions, our beliefs, our thoughts, our values, our interests, our hobbies, how we spend our free time…the list goes on and on. We eat what we want, we drink what we want, we read and watch what we want. It’s pretty much amazing.

But we also have the ability to disagree. And gosh knows there isn’t a place where we tend to disagree more than on the INTERNET. It is a cesspool of negativity and attack when it comes to most everything. How nasty people can be is astounding. If I had a dollar bill for every time I’ve read the phrase “I couldn’t care less…” I wouldn’t have to work for a living. Ever. Side note, it’s actually usually misused as “could care less”, which drives me bananas. If you could care less, that means you DO CARE. Think about it.

Grammar nazi-ness aside, let’s talk about Twilight so I can use myself as an example (it IS my blog after all, no matter how neglected it’s been). Rarely has a book/movie/interest divided the human population into two such drastic opposing sides. Y’all know there are starving children in Africa, right? And you really care THAT much if someone likes poorly written novels or followed every detail of the Kimye wedding? Does it affect your ability to pay your bills? Put food on your own table? Get out of the bed in the morning? Yeah…I didn’t think so.

Let me explain why I personally became a Twilight fan, not that it should matter. Two things happened in April and May of 2009 that whooped my ass. My divorce papers were final and I went through my first post-husband break-up with someone I absolutely adored. I was a DISASTER. In full disclosure (to put it in perspective) it was the second time I was legitimately diagnosed with depression. I lived on Chinese food and Ben & Jerry’s. I rarely left the house for anything other than work and to walk the dogs. I was 1,500 miles away from my entire family and just felt quite alone, despite the fact I lived in the second largest city in the U.S. and had a gazillion friends. You get it, it wasn’t pretty. Twilight had recently made it to OnDemand and I still had no freaking clue what the heck it was about and why it was so popular. So one night after picking up the requisite City Wok (orange chicken and pork fried rice should you be curious), I thought well, might as well…

Fifteen minutes into it I knew I had made a terrible mistake. Because I can’t just like something with a passing fancy. I have to love it and hug it and SQUISH IT TO DEATH. I have a penchant for obsession (see: hockey and my high school years). All three Twilight books were purchased and read within like a week and a half. I went to Comic-Con, I even made some new friends. It was awesome. I never got into Twilight because I found it to be Pulitzer-prize winning literature and Oscar-worthy movies. Quite the contrary. It was senseless entertainment and a much-needed distraction. It pulled me out of a my own head for a little bit each day. Books have ALWAYS been an escape for me and no chick I know of – correct me if I am wrong, it’s the internet so I know you will – wants to take on A Tale of Two Cities when she’s bawling her eyes out over a guy and halfway through a pint of Half Baked.

You have no idea why people like the things they do. And you just shouldn’t care. A Twilight habit (or bad TV or shitty movies, whatever your vice) is much better than a cocaine habit, I say. The fun part is you don’t have to like it too! Crazy! Also what you don’t have to do is be so self-righteous about it. You are not better than me because I like Twilight (and 50 Shades of Grey, *gasp*) and you find it trashy and unbearable. I guarantee you that you like something I find unappealing. I have dated Philadelphia sports fans and Conservatives, I can clearly get past terrible interests. (She’s funny, this one!)

I may say to you, hey You, I don’t like that. But hey You, it’s totally cool that you do. Cause that’s how it should work. Remember in Steel Magnolias when Clairee said our ability to accessorize is what separates us from the animals? I believe our ability to pick and choose our likes, interests and individual thoughts are what separates us from not only the animals, but also from being absolutely mundane and boring. Who wants boring?!



2 thoughts on “How to be: hi, my name is Nikki. And I am still a Twilight fan.

  1. Ashly Star says:

    I love this. This is the reason I’m never ashamed to admit I like something that others make fun of and have no problem telling off a person attempting to mock me over something I enjoy. We all like things that other people would find dumb, pointless, obnoxious, etc. I don’t care if people think I’m silly because I still jam out to old Matchbox 20 or the Backstreet Boys at times because sometimes I just need to listen to things from the 90’s for reasons that don’t matter. I don’t laugh or make fun of or crinkle my nose in disgust over things that make other people happy. If it works for them, cool. I don’t have to take part in whatever it is and being negative doesn’t bring me any joy and there’s no reason every to make someone feel bad about something so trivial as something I perceive as awful, dumb, etc. I also pretty much refuse to refer to anything I like as a “guilty” pleasure because I shouldn’t feel any guilt or face any grief from others about something that brings me enjoyment, no matter how awful they think it is. Rock on with your Twilight love, I’m glad you found something to pull you out of a bad headspace.

    • Nikki says:

      You are awesome! 🙂 Totally agree! And thank you for visiting! And PS I still get super happy anytime an NSYNC song comes on the radio!!!

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