Where to eat: Hibiscus (with a side of Victor Tango’s)

photo 2Not every one of my Friday nights go from Hibiscus to Victor Tango’s to The Library Bar at the Melrose to Round Up and end with two strange gay men at Cafe Brazil at 3 a.m. But when they do, they mean business. And you’re welcome, Uber. These shenanigans all went down last Friday and I’m still trying to figure out how it all happened. It all began with three of my friends and me having a celebratory dinner at Hibiscus and…just went from there. I mostly blame the drink(s) I had a Victor Tango’s. The Start Me Up? Smash Me up? Turn Me Up? One of those. Well, really it was all of those things. It had whiskey in it. I don’t drink whiskey, y’all. But the manager who made them was cute so I would’ve said yes to Everclear at that point. (Side note, I just threw up typing that). Anyhow, the friends I was with and I all have really fun and exciting things going on in our respective lives, both personally and professionally and three of us just completed cleanses/challenges. Plus, we all used to work together, live in the same neighborhood and typically try to get together often. At this point it was both special and overdue, so might as well go big and go Hibiscus.

There’s this lovely restaurant and hotel group in Dallas called Consilient Hospitality. They own the majority of the deliciousness on Henderson and some of the absolute yummiest restaurants in all of the city: Hibiscus, Fireside Pies, Victor Tango’s, The Porch and CBD Provisions to name most. I seriously don’t have a single negative thing to say about any of them. I’ve even had birthday dinners at VT’s and Fireside. And just an FYI, I have recommendations at all of them should you ever be in need. Although they’re all extremely nice establishments and can get a little pricey, Hibiscus is definitely the classiest (and most expensive) of the group. So it’s not somewhere I go often. In fact, I’ve only been one other time and that was during Restaurant Week. And unfortunately I had a sinus infection and couldn’t taste a THING. It was awful. So this time around I had to go; I’ve not treated myself to a nice dinner like that in eons (for the love of all that’s amazing, get the yellow fin…and the mac-n-cheese!) And there is nothing like a night out with some of your most favorite people, eating a genuinely good meal, drinking wonderful craft cocktails and then…things getting questionable.

My crazy nights out in LA and the first couple of years  back in Dallas were many. Over the past year things have quieted down significantly (I know some of you are laughing…stop that, it’s true). Part of that is due to everything that happened and the other part is personal choice. And by personal choice I mean I was forced to because IT HURTS. Slurpees and Sonic breakfast burritos don’t seem to cure anymore.

photo-2But let’s not get confused, I can still throw down for a special occasion. And Friday was a special occasion celebrating nothing more than just GOOD LIFE. And clearly it’s not a Nikki night if the gays aren’t involved. How I actually ended up at Cafe Brazil with two I don’t even know having quesadillas and talking about 12 Years a Slave I have absolutely no idea. I think I only met them as I was leaving Round Up. Joining them at Cafe Brazil sounded like a really good idea. I think.

But I do know one thing for sure, when I got into bed at 5 a.m. all I could think was…oh, I still got this!

Then I woke up at 9 a.m. and thought no…no I do not still got this. AT ALL.

Xo, Nikki


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